When its time to hire a guitarist for your wedding ceremony, cocktail hour, dinner reception or party, finding a professional guitar player has never been easier. The same holds true for a violinist, sax player or vocalist. Arnie Abrams offers different solo musicians and vocalists in the New Jersey area.

Violinists, guitarists, saxophonists, singers, duos or trios are all available for your big event.Our guitarists perform on acoustic or electric guitars, with styles ranging from jazz to popular, and perform songs by the Eagles, James Taylor, Jim Croce, Jimmy Buffett, George Gershwin, Cole Porter, the Beatles, as well as play selections by Billy Joel, Elton John, Aerosmith, and much, much more. Talent and versatility is the name of the game.

As your key source to hire a guitarist in New Jersey, Arnie Abrams and his top solo NJ guitarists, violinists and singers will add that special element to your wedding day, anniversary or birthday party, corporate event, christening or baptism celebration.

Whatever special event you are hosting, it’s easy to hire New Jersey’s best guitarists and other solo musicians. The greatest guitar players and other professional musicians always create a wonderful and fun atmosphere that will createa lasting impression for you and your guests.

Give Arnie a call at (877) 255-5883 to chat about options for your live music. Or send him an email at It’s easy and free to bounce some ideas off of him, and you’ll always have an experienced veteran to discuss your options when searching for a New Jersey guitarist, violinist, sax/horn player, vocalist, or most any solo musician for your New Jersey special event.